California, Colorado, and Maine

Hard Money Loans In Colorado/California/Maine

Who We Are

 As a direct hard money lender and not a broker we can provide significant advantages:  

- Deal Directly With The Decision Makers 

- Speed (We can fund within 2 business days)

- Very Competitive Rates and Terms 

- No Unexpected Processing Fees 

- Fair Treatment 

- Flexibility   

 Our terms will vary depending on the applicant and property but they may range from:  

- 8% to 12% Interest Rates (Fixed Rate)

- No Application Fees 

- No Processing Fees 

- 0 to 3 Origination Points  

- 3 to 36 Month Loans 

- Loan Amounts: $150,000 to $3 Million 

- Interest Only Monthly Payments

- 20% Down or More Required 

- Rehab/Construction Loans Available

- Funding Locations: 

               California, Colorado, and Maine

Galloway Lending is a private family lender of hard money and bridge loans. We specialize in financing private loans for fix and flip projects along with investment real estate that banks may not be able to fund. While a bank might take months, we have the ability to fund loans in two business days. 

Please be aware that we only fund business purpose loans on real estate that is non-owner occupied

Although our principal concern is the value of the real estate securing the loan, we do evaluate all aspects of the loan. We require a credit check, an application, and a phone interview from all borrowers. In some cases an appraisal may be necessary and you can expect that someone will conduct an onsite inspection prior to loan closing. 

We primarily fund California hard money loans but we got our start originating hard money loans in Denver and San Francisco.


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